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Rob & Jill
How We Met
How We Met
Totally on accident, I bumped into Jill one day (during the summer of 2001) at a barbeque with friends from the apartment complex that I was living in at the time. Jill had just moved into the same apartments with her friend Kelly. Right from the start I thought Jill looked familiar, but I couldn't figure out why. (I thought she was really attractive. Jill said she thought I had the most incredible eyes and wanted to get to know me. Unfortunately, we didn't get to talk much that night.) She began to talk with someone about mortgage companies that they had worked for. She mentioned that she had worked for Republic Mortgage. All of the sudden, it hit me where I knew Jill from.

How We Met, Part II
Nearly five years earlier, I had a job as a courier for a title company. One of my regular stops was a Republic Mortgage location. It was one of my favorite stops. Their receptionist was a beautiful girl named Jill. She had pretty, long blonde hair, which I really liked. I went out of my way to drop by and visit with her often. After getting to know her a little better, I asked her to go to lunch with me a couple times. I'd pick her up in my courier car and we'd hit a local resturant for a quick bite to eat. I don't remember how long this went on, but finally it came to Christmas time of 1996.

On Christmas day, I was at my Aunt Susan's house to celebrate the holiday with family. I thought it would be a great idea to invite Jill. So, I called her up and asked if she'd like to come over. Well, her excuse was, "I really would like to spend some time with my Mother this Christmas." I thought this excuse was pretty lame. It made me a little upset. So, I spent Christmas "alone" and had a good time despite her devastating turn down.

To make a long story short, a few days later I left on my mission for the LDS church and didn't give Jill another thought.

After The Reunion
After the run in at the barbeque several years later, Jill and I continued to see one another at various church events and around the apartment complex for several weeks. One of these times, I had ridden my mountain bike to our weekly church sports nights. My bike is pretty flashy, so it tends to catch peoples' eyes. Well, it caught Jill's that night. She came up to me and said we ought to go riding some time because she loved to ride mountain bikes. I told her I'd like that and got her phone number.

It took me a few days to call her back. (Talking to her later, Jill was really excited about me calling and was worried I'd never call because it took me so long.) I finally worked up the guts to call her and arranged our first date.

Our First Date
I've never been one for fancy first dates. So, I decided I'd take Jill to one of my favorite places and have a little picnic. I picked up Jill late in the evening after work. On the way to our destination, we bought some Subway sandwiches then headed up to Silver Lake in Big Cottonwood Canyon. Once there, we found a picnic table and set up our dinner. It was pretty cold since it was nearly dark and late in the Fall. Thinking ahead, I had brought my backpackers stove. So I proceeded to cook us up some hot chocolate. Jill thought that was really cute. (Jill told me later that she could tell I was really nervous because I was acting really weird, but she still thought I was cute anyway.) After eating, we made a quick trip around the lake, talking along the way, and then we made our way home.

The Rest Of The Story
We continued to date for the next month or two and gradually fell in love with one another. The rest is now history. Click here to go back to the Rob and Jill main page for links to pictures of us while dating, how I proposed to Jill, our wedding, and other stuff we've done together. Enjoy!
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